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Fun With Apps | Show Off Your Sooner Bowl Knowledge

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In honor of Oklahoma's trip to the Sugar Bowl, this week's trivia questions are all about the Sooners' bowl history.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
Download our Oklahoma Trivia App from the Google Play Store. Click Here!

We're at it again! We feel like our latest app project is something that will both challenge and entertain you. It gives you the opportunity to both test you knowledge of Sooner history and challenge your friends with various trivia questions. The Sooner Trivia app is currently loaded with ten questions about Oklahoma's bowl history and then will be updated next week with Sugar Bowl specific questions, before turning to Oklahoma/Alabama specific questions on game week.

Hey its a bit cheesy but its also fun. Download it now (free) for your Andriod device and then let us know what your first run score was (I got a 9/10 on it and I created the questions).

You can download the app from the Google Play Store by clicking on the link just below the image to the right. Have fun with this week's round of questions and then get ready for the next round.

While you're at the Play Store make sure to check out our Ultimate Sooner App as well.