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Oklahoma Football Top Plays Of 2013 | #8 Sterling Shepard's TD & Subsequent 2-Pt Conversion

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Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma Sooners were traveling to South Bend with the hopes of ended a 7-game losing streak against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. In front of a packed house, many fans wondered just how well Bob Stoops and his squad would fare. With all things considered, the meeting paired two top 25 opponents in a "Battle of Champions."

After having one of his best outings against Tulsa the week prior, Sterling Shepard cemented himself as a major asset to this Sooners' offensive attack in one fell swoop. Showcasing his speed, Shepard catches a pass on an underneath route. He then splits the defenders and takes one 54-yards for the score.

Following the scamper, Oklahoma's coaching staff makes the decision to go for the 2-pt conversion as it would put the Sooners up by 14 with 12:24 left in regulation. As Blake Bell takes the snap, he never looks to a receiver outside of Shepard as he threads the needle for the conversion. The score would prove to be the final one of the game as OU stole a victory from Notre Dame on the road.