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CCM's All-Conference Football Team | Where The Big XII Went Right And Wrong

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There's no such thing as a perfect all-conference team so, like many others, ours differs from the coaches' selections.

Ronald Martinez

Perspective is everything! How many times have you watched a game and came away with a totally different point of view on players, coaching and game flow than your buddies who watched the same game? Through the course of a football season coaches may see, or be influenced by, one thing while fans sometimes see something completely different. Well, postseason accolades are much like that.

When the Big XII released the postseason all-conference selections, as voted on by the coaches, it was only natural that there would be some disagreements. While it should be noted that not every player who deserves to make it as a first team all-conference selection actually does, disagreement is what spurs the best conversations. With that said, here's what we would have done differently with the Big Twelve's first team.

* First of all, we cheated with the offensive and defensive lines. On offense we selected a group as a whole and on defense we went in groups of tackles and ends. Rich felt as if Oklahoma State had the best offensive line in the conference while I went with Baylor. The Bears had the top passer and rusher in the conference while OSU gave up the fewest sacks in the Big Twelve. Both groups are deserving yet only one can be first team.

* Rich felt as if Brennan Clay's 5.8 yards per carry was enough to give him the first-team nod, while I was confident that Lache Seastrunk and James Sims were the correct picks.

2013 CCM All-Conference Big XII Team

Rich Matt
QB Bryce Petty (BU) Bryce Petty (BU)
RB James Sims (KU) James Sims (KU)
RB Brennan Clay (OU) Lache Seastrunk (BU)
WR Tyler Lockett (KSU) Tyler Lockett (KSU)
WR Antawn Goodley (BU) Antawn Goodley (BU)
TE Jace Amaro (TT) Jace Amaro (TT)
OL Oklahoma St. Baylor
DE Texas Texas
LB Caleb Lavey (OSU) Jeremiah George (ISU)
LB Eric Striker (OU) Will Smith (TT)
LB Eddie Lackey (OSU) Ben Heeney (KU)
S Ty Zimmerman (KSU) Ty Zimmerman (KSU)
S Jason Varrett (TCU) Sam Carter (TCU)
CB Justin Gilbert (OSU) Justin Gilbert (OSU)
CB Aaron Colvin (OU) Aaron Colvin (OU)
Special Teams
PR Jalen Saunders (OU) Josh Stewart (OSU)
KR BJ Catalon (TCU) Justin Gilbert (OSU)
P Spencer Roth (BU) Spencer Roth (BU)
PK Michael Hunnicutt (OU) Michael Hunnicutt (OU)
Players of the Year
Offensive Jace Amaro (TT) Bryce Petty (BU)
Defensive Caleb Lavey (OSU) Jackson Jeffcoat (UT)
Defensive Newcomer Dominique Alexander (OU) Dominique Alexander (OU)
Offensive Newcomer Charles Sims (WVU) Davis Webb (TT)
Coach of the Year Art Briles (BU) Art Briles (BU)
Bold indicates Big XII selection

* Jackson Jeffcoat and Cedric Reed were first and third in the conference in sacks so its pretty hard to argue that someone else has a better group as a whole.

* Once again there's disagreement on the defensive tackles. There's really no elite group in the conference here but Rich is sold on Tyler Johnson and O-State while I'll take TCU.

* We each kept one of the linebackers from the conference list but then added two of our own. Caleb Lavey's 12.5 tackles for loss and Eric Striker's speed off the edge got them put on Rich's team. I had to keep the Big Twelve's leading tackler, Jeremiah George, but added Will Smith and Ben Heeney. Smith was a tackling machine for Texas Tech, averaging 8.8 per game, while Heeney, who was less known because he plays for Kansas, was just behind him at 8.7 tackles per game.

* Rich likes all four of the conference selections at defensive back and I'm almost on board. The only exception is that I'll take Sam Carter over Jason Varrett. I do know how crazy that sounds but I think Carter is the better ball hawk and his interceptions prove it.

* Special teams is a free-for-all as the only player we agreed with the coaches on was Baylor punter Spencer Roth. The punt returner is literally a toss up between Jalen Saunders and Josh Stewart. Rich stays true to the crimson and cream and picks Saunders but I do the unthinkable and go with Stewart. They both took two returns to the house this season but Stewart averaged more yards per return.

* We were split on kickoff returns between BJ Catalon (Rich) and Justin Gilbert (Matt). Once again you could toss a coin here as the two were practically identical in averages.

* Yeah, we'll both take Michael Hunnicutt over any other kicker in the conference.

* Offensive and defensive Players of the Year, I'll tow the company line but Rich is going with Jace Amaro and Caleb Lavey. Amaro is hands down the best tight end in the conference but beyond that Rich will have to explain his actions.

* We chose to forgo the freshmen of the year and just go with newcomers. It turned out a bit interesting but we stand by our decisions.

Hit us up in the comments section and let us know where you agree and disagree with our selections.