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Bama Loses A Key Component Of Their Offensive Line In Guard Anthony Steen

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Alabama senior guard Anthony Steen will miss the Sugar Bowl after undergoing surgery.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Anthony Steen has been a key to the success of the Tide's offensive line over the last three seasons but will have to watch the Sugar Bowl from the sidelines after undergoing shoulder surgery to repair a partially torn labrum. Steen, a senior this season, was named as a second team all-conference lineman for Alabama and will be a strong candidate for the NFL draft this coming spring.

Redshirt freshman Alphonse Taylor has been listed as Steen's backup on the depth chart but senior Kellen Williams has seen a lot of playing time and is speculated to fill the void. Oklahoma has struggled at times to gain penetration on the inside of the line, with its defensive tackles, since the injury that sidelined Jordan Phillips after the Notre Dame. Alabama's loss of a three-year starter may not rectify that problem for the Sooners but it sure can't make the matter any worse.

Obviously we wish Steen a speedy recovery and a long and prosperous career in the NFL.

Here's the link to the original story on SBN.