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Oklahoma Football Top Plays of 2013 | #10 Aaron Colvin Returns Blocked Extra Point

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John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma Sooners have made an improbable run to the Sugar Bowl. Leading up to the 2013 season, question after question rained down upon the coaching staff. Most of the concerns centered around the defense as depth and experience seemed to be lacking. However, the biggest curve ball hurled toward the media and fans came with the announcement that Trevor Knight would be the starter in the home opener. Through the adversity, Oklahoma endured a wild ride and persevered. The result of such resiliency was a 10-2 season, but how did we get here?

Over the next week and a half, culminating on Christmas Day, we'll take a walk through the history of the season as I pick out my top ten plays of 2013. Without any further ado, here is No. 10.

At the beginning of the game, the Sooners came out looking flat against the Kansas Jayhawks. Making the most of the opportunity, Charlie Weis and his squad built a 13-0 lead while holding Oklahoma scoreless midway through the second quarter.

In desperate need of a momentum swing behind a shanked PAT attempt, Bob Stoops unleashed the special teams unit to get things going. There is no question that punter, Trevor Pardula, felt the pressure and soon after, OU scored two points on a blocked punt kicked through the endzone. But, the nightmare doesn't stop there.

With Kansas gaining steam once again in the fourth quarter, James Sims scooted into the endzone and the Jayhawks cut their deficit to a single possession. Playing it safe as a 2-point attempt proved illogical, Weis sent his field goal unit out onto the field. The move was detrimental as Jordan Wade cut through a small opening to get a hand on the PAT. Having the awareness to pick up the now live ball, Aaron Colvin returned the block for two points and the Sooners later ran away with the victory.

I can't remember the last time Bob Stoops and Co. released the special teams unit for an all out block attempt, let alone actually recording a blocked punt and PAT in the same game. Needless to say, the Sooners' special teams often found themselves as the game changer throughout the 2013 season.