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Sooner Nation Podcast | The Guys That We'd Pick To Replace Mack Brown

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Mack Brown may be done at Texas but we have some names to recommend that would keep the sideline advantage in Oklahoma's favor.

Erich Schlegel

As the Mack Brown era comes to a close at Texas we've compiled our own shortlist of names that we'd like to see take over the helm in Austin. Yes, they are names that would continue to give Oklahoma the same type of sideline advantage over the Longhorns that we've enjoyed for the last sixteen years.

Use the media player to listen to the replay of the podcast.

Then there's the real candidates and, to be honest, some of them scare the crud out of us.

We also have some early thoughts on Oklahoma's Sugar Bowl match-up against Alabama, as Rich provides some reasons to be optimistic. Obviously I'm going to do my dead-level best to shoot them all down.

Finally we'll wrap up the show talking Sooner hoops, where both the men's and women's teams are going to have to find ways to overcome injury issues.

We're looking forward to a fun hour of discussing Sooner sports and hope that you'll join us. Make sure to participate in the conversation by using the comments section.