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Mack Brown Will Resign From Coaching Texas Football

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Mack Brown era at Texas will officially come to an end after the Alamo Bowl. Multiple news outlets are reporting tonight that the Brown will coach the team through their bowl game and then exit. According to the reports, he's already informed the team and recruits of his intentions.

In 2005 Brown led the Longhorns to their first national title since 1970, making him just the second coach to win a title at Texas. He also won two conference championships at Texas and currently has a 157-45 record, with the bowl game pending.

"Now, the program is again being pulled in different directions, and I think the time is right for a change," - Brown said in a statement on Saturday evening.

The most important stat for Oklahoma fans is that Brown will exit UT Austin with a losing record against the Sooners, going 7-9 during his 16 seasons.

Farewell, Mack. It was fun beating you!