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Head Coach Openings | Arkansas St.'s Short List Includes Oklahoma's Josh Heupel

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A launching pad type position has opened and Josh Heupel finds his name on the short list. What will his final decision be?

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

With all the focus being placed squarely on the Texas Longhorns' possible opening, another story may be developing within the Big XII involving another conference heavy weight.

The Arkansas St. Red Wolves are currently looking for a new head coach after Bryan Harsin made a decision to return to the Boise St. Broncos, this time as their Head Coach. Included on their short list of candidates is none other than the Oklahoma Sooners Offensive Coordinator, Josh Heupel. While it may not be looked at as a step up, Arkansas St. has quite the track record.

After firing Steve Roberts, the university promoted then Offensive Coordinator, Hugh Freeze into the position. The result was a 10-2 season leading Ole Miss to come calling. The offer they proposed was too good to turn down as Freeze is now at the helm of the Ole Miss program.

Following in the absence, Gus Malzahn was pulled from the Auburn Tigers to become the next head coach of the Red Wolves. In a single season, Malzahn produced a 9-3 season before Auburn regretted turning him loose. With the firing of Gene Chizik, the Tigers hired their former offensive coordinator to lead the program. The decision has paid off as AU is playing for a nation championship this season.

It would appear that University Presidents are looking for head coaching experience, something that Josh Heupel currently lacks. Coincidentally, Arkansas St.'s opening looks much like a launching pad for hopefuls if the past is any indicator. Could this be the opportunity that he has been waiting for?