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The CCM Bowl Pick'em Is Back!

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This year's bowl subscription is once again sponsored by the fine folks at

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The first of thirty five bowl games gets under way in less than a week which means that you only have six days to sign up for our annual pick'em contest. Once again the contest is sponsored by the Oklahoma Rivals site, They will be awarding the winner of our little contest a free one-year subscription to their site which would provide you with all of the inside information on Oklahoma's recruiting.

Here are the sign up instructions.

1. Sign into your Yahoo account

2. Visit the Yahoo Bowl Pick'em page

3. Click on the "Join A Group" tab and then "Join Group" on the next page

4. Enter the group ID (13440) and password (boomer)

5. Make your picks and wager your confidence points

Best of luck to you and thanks for playing!