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Friday Locks: Choosing Sides Between LSU And Bama

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Continuing their season long tradition of going head-to-head on picks, Rich and Jordan are on opposite sides of one big game this weekend and on the same side of another. They both agree on Wisconsin and BYU but have drawn a line in the sand over LSU and Alabama. Let us know how you see it shaking out and be sure share some of your picks as well.


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Wisconsin (-7.5) vs. BYU - That half a point makes me a little wary as does me jumping on this Wiscy train late, but I'll roll with it regardless.

Notre Dame (-4.5) at Pittsburgh - I'm betting on a bounce back game for the Irish following a less than impressive performance last week against Navy.

LSU (+12) at Alabama - I've said before I'm Alabama minus whatever and this obviously contradicts that, but twelve is just too big a number for me w/ an LSU team whose strength (passing game & their WRs) that can attack Bama's weakness (the secondary).


Texas Tech (-3) vs Kansas St. - Looking to get back to their winning ways, the Red Raiders will put I'm a show in front of their home crowd.

Alabama (-12) vs LSU -Many people think the gap is closing. I'm still on the opposing side as Bama wins comfortably.

Wisconsin (-7.5) vs BYU - The Badgers present a tough brand of football. With a huge night on the ground, Wisc covers and takes the win.


New Mexico (-3) vs. Air Force - I'm going to try to tap back into the power of my Friday night picks. This looks to be a close game but give me the home team to cover the three points.

TCU (-7.5) at Iowa State - My opinion is that the Cyclones have tanked it in for the season. Meanwhile, the Frogs are still fighting for bowl eligibility. Look for them to cover and then some.

Minnesota (-1.5) vs Penn State - Looks like I'm going anti underdogs this week.