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OU Football Recruiting | Sooners Steal Versatile 2014 Athlete Dimitri Flowers From Boise State

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

In the span of about 24 hours, 2014 San Antonio, Texas athlete Dimitri Flowers (VIDEO) went from being committed to Boise State, to receiving a scholarship offer from Oklahoma, decommitting from the Broncos, to becoming the fifteenth member of OU's 2014 class.

Flowers is listed at 6'3" 219 pounds and plays a variety of positions for his Churchill high school team, but Oklahoma made it clear to him the role they would like him to play were he to commit.  The OU coaches sold Flowers on a role similar to the one that Trey Millard has played over the past four years.  It's a role that certainly plays to Flowers' skill set and one you have to assume he's completely bought in on considering how quickly this all transpired.

One of the most appealing aspects of his game is the ability he shows on film to catch the ball not just out of the backfield, but he also lines up split out wide enough that some recruiting services have even at times listed him as a wide receiver.

If he's going to be OU's next Millard, he's obviously going to need to add some weight but he's frame more than suggests that won't be a problem.

Prior to his commitment Oklahoma and subsequent decommitment from Boise State, Flowers also held offers from Houston and Nevada.