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Thanksgiving Day Open Thread | Celebrating Turkeys And Touchdowns!

Today is a day to pause, give thanks, enjoy delicious food, and watch wall-to-wall football

Ronald Martinez

Okay, first things first. How do you like your turkey? There's the traditional baked in the oven turkey like grandma used to make it for you. There's the deep fried turkey in peanut oil, or there's the smoke it for eight hours outside in the smoker, so that your neighbors know full well that you are the man, turkey. How is your turkey being prepared today and what are your special recipes/turkey traditions?

BTW - I'm typing this just before 4:30 am and have just put my turkey in the smoker

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for the things you've been blessed with and are able to share with those you love and we certainly don't want to belittle the true meaning of the holiday whatsoever. However, right along with enjoying a scrumptious turkey themed meal, another of the long standing traditions is watching the football games that highlight the holiday.

As you slip off into your tryptophan induced coma with visions of Tony Romo flashing on your television screen, we'll be here today to talk both the turkeys and the touchdowns. Make sure to check in every now and then to tell us what you're thankful for on this day, how your turkey turned out and what your opinions are on the football games.

Thanksgiving Day Football Schedule

11:30 - Green Bay at Detroit (FOX)

3:30 - Oakland at Dallas (CBS)

6:30 - Texas Tech at Texas (Fox Sports 1)

6:30 - Mississippi at Mississippi State (ESPN)

7:30 - Pittsburgh at Baltimore (NBC)

From all of us here at CCM, happy Thanksgiving!