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Bob Stoops Weekly Press Conference (BU/ISU)

Ronald Martinez

We might actually have a reason to tune in today. And I stress might.

There is a good chance with the four or so days Stoops had since the Baylor game that he has completely bunkered down and will be in full on defiance mode today. That could provide some entertainment if, and this is a big if, anyone pushes him for answers if all he offers up is the usual coach speak.

Or maybe he's had a chance to watch some film and come to the inevitable conclusion many of the rest of us have that changes are needed. Maybe he'll be forthright and open with his comments.

Probably not going to put my money on the latter.

There are a number of injury updates that Stoops will hopefully provide. As to what we've heard: Sterling Shepard expected to play vs. ISU. Julian Wilson (shoulder), Jordan Evans (ankle), and Keith Ford (ankle/foot) are questionable. No word yet on Aaron Colvin.

As always things will get started around noon and we'll provide live updates for you below in the comments section.