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Mid-Week Practice Report | Sooners Down A (Big) Man For Texas Game?

Brett Deering

Just wanted to post a quick mid-week practice report as there were two items of note coming out of Tuesday.

The first probably won't surprise many of you as there were reports regarding Trey Metoyer last weekend when he did not dress out for the game and was not on the sideline. Co-offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach Jay Norvell met with the media following Tuesday's practice and addressed Metoyer's current situation though was understandably somewhat vague in his comments.

"He's taking some time here where he needs to get some things cleaned up so he's taking a little break from football."

It would be premature to make any assumptions as to Metoyer's future with the team/program, but obviously given his limited contributions to the offense thus far it's a loss one would presume OU could absorb. Especially considering the depth Norvell and the Sooners have at the wide receiver position. Hopefully at some point he'll be able to rejoin the team and continue working to develop his considerable talent so that it translates into results on the field.

The second item (no disrespect intended to Metoyer) is of much greater importance with respect to this weekend's game against Texas. And that is the possible unavailability of defensive tackle Jordan Phillips according to a comment Bob Stoops reportedly made on his weekly radio show Tuesday night.

Evidently Stoops expressed some frustration that Phillips hasn't progressed as well as he and his staff had hoped after being forced to miss last week's game against TCU. Stoops made reference to a 'genetic issue' when asked in his postgame as to why Phillips didn't play, which has led many to speculate as to what exactly that may be (though we won't do that here).

Stoops also reportedly said Phillips has not practiced this week and while in typical Bob style he gave no indication as to whether or not he was hopeful Phillips would play this weekend the fact that he's not practicing is obviously not a good thing.

Look whatever your opinions on Texas, the strength of their offense is the running game. So the idea of going into this game without both Corey Nelson AND Jordan Phillips is not one any OU fan should even want to consider. Casually dismissing the potential absence of both, who have played a significant role in the defensive success OU has experienced thus far, would be incredibly foolish and simply a product of the overconfidence so many OU fans appear to have heading into this weekend. If you think without Nelson and possibly Phillips that this Texas offense (yes, even with Case McCoy under center) can't give OU problems then we'll just have to agree to disagree.

When and/or if any developments emerge on Phillips, we will be sure to update you here on CCM.

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