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Texas Longhorn Mike Davis Reacts To Cheap Shot | Says "I'd Do It Again"

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One thing that is proven...dirty players are going to play dirty.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone watching interested in Big 12 football likely had on the Thursday night game on as a struggling Texas Longhorns team took on a giant slayer, the Iowa St. Cyclones. However, the one incident that circled the web overnight is now drawing more attention.

Clearly, Deon Broomfield has heard the whistle as all players begin to relax...all players except Mike Davis of course. The ensuing result is a widely labeled as a cheap shot that resulted in a 15 yard penalty and a "reprimand" by the Big 12. But, when asked about the incident, Davis had this to say.

Any apology that has been issued is negated by a single comment as Davis will likely become a target himself somewhere down the road for the above type plays. With the injuries the Oklahoma Sooners have endured on defense in the past week, an injury to a DB may prove costly. Fingers crossed that the Big 12's "ruling" doesn't lead to any serious ligament tears in the coming weeks.

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