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Weekend Recap: Baylor Just Keeps Rolling

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Baylor scored ten touchdowns on West Virginia Saturday night.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

As much as I would like to rank Baylor and Oklahoma as 1a and 1b in the Big Twelve, its very clear that until someone proves otherwise the Bears are pretty much in a league of their own. There was absolutely no slowdown at all in Baylor's offensive production as they entered conference play. The Bears went into their game against West Virginia averaging 69.6 points per game and scored a season high 73 points on the Mountaineers. There isn't an offense in the conference that can match Baylor's and its yet to be seen if there's a defense capable of stopping them.

Texas 31 - Iowa State 30: This was such an unsatisfying win for the Longhorns that many of their fans have used it as another example of why Mack Brown should not return as head coach. Perhaps its because they are tired of being handed wins and not actually earning them.



Texas Tech 54 - Kansas 16: If this were only a 15 minute game then the Jayhawks would have scored a shocking upset. Unfortunately for Kansas its a full 60 minutes and the Red Raiders got going in the second quarter. The big story here is the injury to Texas Tech quarterback Baker Mayfield and how that may affect the remainder of their season.

Oklahoma State 33 - Kansas State 29: The Wildcats did everything they needed to in order to pull the upset, except for protect the football. Oklahoma State is going to have to address their offensive issues during their off week or the next three games (TCU, @Iowa State, @Texas Tech) could lead to some negative consequences.

Oklahoma 20 - TCU 17: If you like physical football then you most likely enjoyed this slugfest. Both teams showed speed and power but the deciding factor was Oklahoma's ability to run the ball and not commit any turnovers. Speaking of running the football, here's what happens when a safety tries to step up to Oklahoma quarterback Blake Bell.

TCU is much better than what their record indicates though.

Baylor 73 - West Virginia 42: Credit the Mountaineers for scoring the most points that Baylor has allowed this season. However half of their points came in garbage time. Baylor set a Big XII offensive record with 864 total yards.

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