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OU Breaking Their Long Held Stance On 'Tradition' And Going With Alternate Jersey On Saturday

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

A source tells SB Nation's Andrew Lind that Oklahoma and Texas will be wearing gold-trimmed uniforms on Saturday when the two rivals meet in Dallas.

Here are a couple pictures of the jersey that Oklahoma is expected to be wearing.



Here is a picture of what the Texas jersey will look like.


From the Oklahoma side of things, there has long been a contingent of OU fans clamoring for something like this to happen. Primarily, presumably so, in an effort to appeal to recruits and/or simply for a bit of a change from the norm which Oklahoma had been pretty resistant to in the past.

No word yet on what, if any, changes to expect regarding the OU helmets, pants, and/or shoes.

So what do you think OU fans? Like or dislike? Do you wish they'd have done more than just the gold outline? Are you hoping for even more changes with the helmet/pants? Or would you have preferred they leave well enough alone?

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