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Oklahoma Basketball | Lon Kruger Picks Up Big 2014 Hoops Commitment

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The Oklahoma Sooners picked up a recruit in an unlikely realm after the football program hosted a number of players from across the nation.


While the football program hosted a number of recruits this past weekend, it was the basketball program that picked up a commitment. Depth down in the blocks has been a concern for the Oklahoma Sooners and Lon Kruger over the past couple of years and the coaching staff is looking to alleviate some of the pressure. In doing so, they took to the recruiting trail and landed a big recruit.

The first commitment for the 2014 class came from Jamuni Mcneace, a 6-10 center. After adding two inches over the winter, Oklahoma took notice along with a few other schools as his name began to circulate. Needless to say, this kid is a project as he is still adjusting to his newly found height.

If you are looking for some video on this kid, it will be hard to find. The only source with video after scouring the net I could find is here -

Welcome to the Sooner family!