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Big XII Basketball: 4 Names You May Not Know...Yet!

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Big XII is littered with talent when it comes to the hardwood. Each and every year, stars are born with an unlikely run to the top of the conference or in a single upset. This year, there are a handful of players who will fly under the radar for a short period of time. Here are four names to be on the lookout for throughout the season.

Andrew Wiggins - This is a kid who landed himself the label of No. 1 prospect in the nation. Many think that Wiggins will be a one-and-done player as a Kansas Jayhawk as one can currently find his name atop the NBA Draft Boards for 2014. However, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves as Wiggins is still in the learning phases. He stands tall at 6-8 with a lengthy wingspan of 7-feet and possesses not only the ability to elevate over anyone but also the ability to create space off the bounce. There is no denying that Wiggins athleticism is off the charts but to put him in a category with the likes of LeBron James and Kevin Durant is ludicrous at this point of his career.

Buddy Hield - The transition from freshman year to sophomore year is something visible to those who watch the sport. Hield will be making the aforementioned transition this year. Many expect this kid to step up into Romero Osby's shoes as the vocal leader. A high intensity player with a motor that never quits, Buddy will make stride after stride becoming one of the best players in the Big XII. The Oklahoma Sooners will rely heavily on Hield as their backcourt is the strong suit this season.

DeAndre Kane - A graduate from Marshall University and a former Thundering Herd player, Kane has transferred to Iowa St. to be a Cyclone. Last season he averaged 15.1 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 7 assists per game. To say that this transfer is a do-it-all type player might be an understatement. While his offensive stats are impressive, he does not lack a defensive intensity many scorers do. Expect Kane to have an immediate impact on the outcome of the season for the Clones as he needs to rise to the challenge of defending the best Big XII perimeter players each night.

Ishmail Wainwright - Ranked inside the top 100 coming out of high school, this is a kid who is relatively unknown. Wainwright has a unique skill set wrapped up in a 6-6 frame that will likely put him on the floor as a stater for the Baylor Bears. Needless to say, this kid will make his teammates better as soon as he steps on the floor. What is that unique skill set you ask? How often do you see a 6-6 player taking over as the point guard on the collegiate level? That is the type of talent Wainwright possesses as it should not be odd to see him play four different positions throughout the stint of the season.