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Bob Stoops Takes Another Not So Subtle Jab At The SEC

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Bob has gone and done it again.

Following his team's Wednesday night practice, Stoops met briefly with the media had made some comments that already have the national and local media in a tizzy.  Stoops was asked a seemingly innocent enough question about the overall strength of the Big 12 Conference, not all unlike that in which led to his previous comments on the SEC.

While the SEC (SEC! SEC!) was not specifically mentioned in Wednesday night's question, Stoops seemed all too happy to make reference to this past weekend's LSU/Georgia game which ended with a defensive slugfest of a 44-41 final score.

Stoops' point Wednesday night, as it was months ago, being that the league is now facing the level of quality quarterbacks like Georgia's Aaron Murray or LSU's Zach Mettenberger and of course Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel that he and Big 12 defenses have been facing for many years.

"Just a few years ago, we had all the quarterbacks," Stoops said. "And now, all of a sudden, we can play a little better defense and some other people can't play defense.

"Funny how people can't play defense when they have pro-style quarterbacks over there, which we've had. They're all playing in the NFL right now."

When it was pointed out that Georgia's Aaron Murray has a high pass efficiency rating, Stoops said, "How's that happening? They're playing all those SEC defenses."

"I still don't know how (Texas) A&M was third in the country in total offense and scoring offense playing all those SEC defenses. I have no idea how that happened.

"Oh, they got a quarterback. That's right." - The Oklahoman

And just like his previous comments were picked up by local and national media, Wednesday night's have been as well (here and here) with more sure to follow.  Just as predictably, his comments have been and very likely will continue to be misconstrued and manipulated to troll SEC fans into those ever important 'clicks' that websites and their advertisers so highly covet.

Example A of said idiot:

Which is not even remotely close to what Stoops said or really even insinuated, but why let something like facts or the actual quote get in the way when you have Twitter followers to troll?

Back in the real world, Stoops' comments more than hold water and while probably unnecessary one can understand his frustration of having dealt with offenses like the SEC are now facing only to not hear the same type of criticism about how the same SEC defenses are struggling to defend them much like Big 12 defenses have.

It seems only fitting to borrow one of Bob's favorite lines in this particular instance.  In the end, it's simply a case of the media doing what the media does and much like the last time if these comments go viral much like those previous did then ultimately Stoops has no one to blame but himself.

Though we suspect he cares about as much as that as he does whether or not you agree with him in the first place.

Well played, Bob.  Well played.

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