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Charlie Weis Makes Mid-Season Coaching Changes And Expects To See A Lot Of Frank Shannon On Saturday

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Charlie Weis reassigned some of his assistants this week and took on more offensive responsibility himself.

Jamie Squire
"I'm going to be much more involved with the coaching of the skill positions which I think has been lacking, I've been a position coach at all these positions, quarterback, running back, tight end, wide receiver on the NFL level for multiple years. I think that some of the areas that we're deficient at I think I can lend an improvement." -Charlie Weis

The Kansas Jayhawks are hurting on offense and Charlie Weis is looking to do something about it. Not happy with the nation's 105th passing offense, 103rd ranked rushing attack, and 113th ranked scoring average, Weis is going to do more...and less against the Sooners on Sunday.

The first thing you're going to see is Weis spending more times with the quarterbacks when they aren't on the field. His coaching experience in the NFL and in the college ranks bodes well for the wisdom that he can share with his signal callers on the field.

"But now what's going to happen with this new spreading out of the distribution of labor, I will actually at the end of series, be more involved with coaching the quarterback position in between when the offense comes off the field and the defense goes on. So don't have a panic attack if when we're on defense I miss a couple of plays sitting over there, talking to the quarterbacks because that's the way I've done business in the past and that's the way we're going to do it now."

In order to spend more time helping to coach the positions, Weis will be adding the passing game responsibilities over to Ron Powlus and run game to Jeff Blasko. Weis will still be calling the plays on Saturday, most likely, but he's setting up his assistants to have a stronger roll in the game plan, which is the second change that he's made this week.

"I think this will allow us some better coordination, but more than coordination, it's going to be more guys getting to interject ways of how can we improve the offense, how can we score more points. I felt that I had to back off a little bit, or else we're never going to get any better."

Finally, it looks like the third thing he's going to do is override the ideas presented by his assistants. Yeah, that doesn't make a lot of sense to me either.

"The ideas were good. I had to shoot a lot of ideas down, I had to humble the coaches some. I would say the definite foundation of what we are doing came from the assistant coaches."

The bottom line is that Oklahoma could be at a point where they don't actually know what to expect from the Jayhawk offense on Saturday. There could be new wrinkles or just the same old ones, depending on how the coaches game planning meetings are going this week.

Weis did acknowledge that his offense has a tall task this week against an Oklahoma defense that ranks 12th nationally in points allowed. The Kansas coach says that linebacker Frank Shannon has caught his eye.

"I've been really impressed with (Frank) Shannon their field inside linebacker, No. 20. You'll see a lot of him, he's a really good player."

Switching sides of the ball, Weis sees Oklahoma quarterback Blake Bell in a way that many Sooner fans wish the coaching staff would have actually used him last week against Texas.

"I didn't know what they were going to get when he started playing, here's a 6-foot-6 252 pound guy. I think that Oklahoma has done a nice job using similar to the way that Kansas State used (Collin) Klein. He's a power runner and because he's such a bull as a runner, it causes more people to load up the box, he's good at play action and he's completing 65 percent of his passes. They're doing a nice job with him, he's doing a very nice job for them."

My bet is that Weis is just posturing for Saturday's game because he knows, we know, and the OU coaching staff knows that wasn't the way Bell was used last weekend. However most of us agree, with the exception of the OU coaching staff, that's exactly the way he should have been used against the Big Twelve's worst run defense. Kudos to you Mr. Weis, kudos to you.