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Bob Stoops Weekly Press Conference (TX/KU)

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Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

This could get interesting.

Not from the standpoint of those in attendance (1) asking the tough questions that need to be asked following the embarrassing performance on Saturday and/or (2) those in attendance pushing Bob for answers to said tough questions. But interesting from a standpoint of it being fair to assume Stoops is very likely going to be teetering right on that edge as only he can. Maybe John Hoover can play the role of the bad guy and push him over it?

Do not expect to get any kind of explanation from Stoops on the offensive game plan.

Hopefully we'll get some kind of update as to the status of Jordan Phillips and Aaron Colvin and whether or not either will be available this week against Kansas.

As always, we'll be here to recap it for you live as it happens. Things get started right around noon.