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Former Sooner, Jammal Brown, Brings The Heat In An Interview Discussing Current State Of The OU Program

Okay, how many times since Friday night's Cotton Bowl have you already heard any one of the following?

"You're just a fan, what do you know about football?"

"Who are you to criticize this team? You're just a fan."

"You're an idiot, who are you to question these coaches?"

Whether to you personally, or simply overheard, or on what was a predictably entertaining Monday on Oklahoma sports talk radio.

There has even been a number of current players having many of these same conversations with fans via social media, pretty much all of them generally following a script fairly similar to this Brennan Clay tweet.

The absurdity of someone being "just a fan" and therefore having no right to ever question and/or second guess a coach and/or player has always amused me. As if there is nothing to be gleaned from having watched football religiously for 5, 10, 15, 20, or however many years. Oh no, only if you played the game can you criticize. And only if you played the game at the Division I level, because there's always that qualifier as well.

Well, here ya go. A former player, a former Outland Trophy winner, a former All-American, and one of the best offensive linemen to ever come through the University of Oklahoma. In an epic interview with fellow former Sooners Dusty Dvorcek and Teddy Lehman, Jammal Brown provides his thoughts on the current state of Oklahoma's football program.

It's amazing (sarcasm font) just how similar many of his critiques are to those of Sooner Nation. You know, all those uneducated, Sunday morning quarterbacking, know-nothing fans. So, um, you want to call Mr. Brown an idiot?

Yeah, didn't think so.