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OU Football Recruiting - Sooners Lose Major Piece Of 2013 Class In Linebacker Jordan Mastrogiovanni

As if Friday night's embarrassment wasn't enough. Adding insult to injury, there are multiple reports out Sunday evening that Texas A&M has flipped the commitment of 2013 linebacker Jordan Mastrogiovanni. The Dallas Jesuit product was arguably the pride of Oklahoma's defensive class and at worst the Sooners only true linebacker commitment.

To that last point, to say linebacker is a major position of need would be an understatement of massive proportions. This Oklahoma defense is lacking playmakers at the linebacker position, something that was painfully evident throughout the course of the season. Or perhaps that isn't fair as there are many of us who believe the linebackers they do have were not necessarily put in the best position to be successful.

Regardless, the Sooners now have a gaping hole at linebacker in this 2013 class with less than a month to try and fill it. The odds of them finding a replacement comparable to Mastrogiovanni this late in the process are not good.

There are some who will tell you everything is fine, there's nothing to see here. Welp this one decommitment may not be cause enough to push the panic button, but when you step back and assess the situation as a whole...well my friends, it ain't exactly rosy. When a kid would rather be Texas A&M's sixth linebacker commitment as opposed to the only true one for an Oklahoma team desperate for play-making linebackers, I'm just not sure how anyone can spin that for the positive. Then again, I'm constantly amazed by the ability of the sunshine pumpers to prove me wrong time and again.