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2013 Cotton Bowl - Pregame/Prediction Thread

Bob Levey

Kickoff cannot get here soon enough, but in the meantime we here at CCM figured you could use a pregame thread to help get you through the day.

Give us your best (clean) Aggie jokes if you like. Or you could share that story from that one time when you went away to that all-male cheerleader camp (not that there's anything wrong that).

Got weird there for a sec. Of course, we'll always take a final score prediction.

To get you started, here are some you can give us your prediction on:

1) O/U - 77,777 (like what I did there?) times that the phrase "Johnny Foot***" is used during the broadcast

2) O/U - 3.5 touchdown passes for Landry Jones

3) O/U - 1.5 appearances by 'Bad Landry'

4) _______ is the most important player on the field for Oklahoma

5) T/F - pitbull will finally get to drop the ban hammer on someone before the clock strikes midnight

6) O/U - 0.5 interceptions for the Heisman Trophy winner

7) Your Offensive MVP

8) Your Defensive MVP

Discuss . . .