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OU Football | Tony Jefferson Refutes Erroneous Report Of Coaches "Trashing" Him To NFL Personnel

In a recent radio interview, former Sooner Tony Jefferson put to rest the rumors of Oklahoma coaches "trashing" him to NFL personnel.


During an interview with Yahoo Sports Radio Thursday afternoon, now former Oklahoma safety Tony Jefferson addressed a recent "rumor" that has been making its way around the interwebs. We won't give the website who started the "rumor" any more undeserved traffic, just know this isn't the first time this site has put something out there with seemingly very little credibility.

Starting around the 4:50 mark of the interview, Jefferson specifically addresses the "rumor" and quickly puts to rest any doubts about the validity of the initial report.

"Funny thing is, just got off the phone with my coach. I guess those sites are pretty much B.S. I knew my coaches would never say anything like that. One, because it wasn't true. And two, my coaches aren't like that. I've put it all on the line for my team and for the program and I‘ve had the best time of my life being at the University of Oklahoma.

My coach wanted to call me and set it straight and let me know everything that was said was obviously not true. And I knew that. My coaches are good guys and we've always had a good relationship.

For everyone out there in life, you come in there (OU) as a freshman and you have a lack of work ethic at the University of Oklahoma, a lack of work ethic at anytime, you won't play there. That's not how they work. You have to work and you got to do things on the field and off the field.

I guess the Web site blew up because of it. But I was glad to hear from my coach to set the record straight."

Setting aside the ridiculousness of Jefferson even having to address this after some random website just throws out there something as inflammatory as what they claimed, it's obviously good to hear the Oklahoma coaches reached out to Jefferson if for no other reason to ensure there was no chance of confusion.

The lingering problem with situations like this are (1) the negative perception was started with the initial bogus report and anything after that rarely receives as much attention and (2) there will likely be no repercussions for the website who started this all in the first place.

I suppose it's simply the world we live in these days with everyone trying to make a name for themselves on the Internet. But that's a conversation for another day.