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OU Football | Landry Jones & Lane Johnson Helping Their NFL Draft Stock At 2013 Senior Bowl

Former Sooners Landry Jones and Lane Johnson are among the players who have stood out during 2013 Senior Bowl practices.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

While Oklahoma may have only sent two players to this year's Senior Bowl, both have been performing quite well according to most reports. Quarterback Landry Jones and offensive lineman Lane Johnson are in Mobile, Alabama taking part in the 2013 Senior Bowl. By all accounts, both have stood out in practices and could be helping to boost their respective draft status.

Via ESPN ($):

- Along the offensive line, Oklahoma's Lane Johnson (6-6¼, 302) jumped out. His upper-body power and initial punch in pass protection stand out. Johnson also has good feet and balance, and he stoned just about everyone he faced. It was one of the more impressive performances we've seen so far.

- Oklahoma QB Landry Jones (6-3⅝, 221) threw the ball well again on Tuesday. He looked the most natural of the South quarterbacks, and while his release is a little long it's also quick. Jones' film shows that he is a marksman when given time, and this is the perfect setting for showing off his arm talent. He threw with anticipation and was accurate.


The common feeling is that the team (Giants) will look to the NFL Draft to fill some of their holes, and one target may be Oklahoma Sooners offensive tackle Lane Johnson.

The 6'6'', 303 lbs. lineman has impressed most onlookers, and is considered by many to be one of, if not the best tackle available in the 2013 NFL Draft. If nothing else, he is projected to go in the first-round come April, and may be available when the Giants select at #19.

Matt Miller of NFL Draft Scout, who is in Mobile, Alabama covering the Senior Bowl, was among those impressed with Johnson. But he wasn't the only one. Miller had one of the Giants scouts in attendance remark "that's my left tackle" after watching Johnson practice.

Via National Football Post:

Players Who Helped Themselves Today (Day One)

(Lane) Johnson immediately stood out during the "mirror" drill, as he looked comfortable sliding side to side while maintaining proper base and a flat back. He was one of the few linemen in the drill that consistently had his hands out in proper position to attack the defender. During the pit drill he was able to absorb bull rushes and use his hands and quick feet to redirect his man. In team drills he was able to thwart a speed rush by Ezekiel Ansah by using his hands to re-establish contact and ride him out of the play.


Day Two

- Oklahoma's Landry Jones, on the other hand, has looked good according to's Daniel Jeremiah. Jones can make all the throws and has shown improvement making plays after plays break down.

- Mike Mayock and Jeremiah love what they have seen out of Oklahoma tackle Lane Johnson. The former quarterback and tight end is wildly athletic. Jeremiah compares him to a better version of Nate Solder. Johnson might not be as polished as Central Michigan's Eric Fisher, but both Mayock and Jeremiah are convinced Johnson is a first round draft pick. They complimented his feet and propensity to finish plays with a nasty edge.

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