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"Just Like Football" Chant Breaks Out In LNC As Sooners Take Down Texas

So far this school year, the Oklahoma Sooners have proved to be greater than their counter-part, the Texas Longhorns in all of the major sports. That's right, go ahead and mark four wins across three different sports for the Sooners in this heated rivalry.

Let's pay a little homage to the fan base for showing up time and time again....when a rival is in town. Maybe the next time the Longhorns show up in Norman, the chant will read "We Own Texas."

It all started with the football season. Bob Stoops had found himself in a familiar position as his Oklahoma Soonesr team was ranked inside the top 15 (#13). A year after being blown out in the Red River Shootout, Mack Brown appeared to have his Texas team back on track and ready for the Sooners in October boasting a #15 rankings. Many thought this would be a tight game, however, the opposite would prove true. The wheels once again fell off for the Longhorns as talk swirled of Mack Brown being placed on the hot seat with the 63-21 defeat playing in the background.

In the month of January, Sherri Coale and her Oklahoma Women's Basketball Program took to the road against the Longhorns and came away with a 78-70 victory. If anyone thought that was a fluke, just a few week later, Coale and crew would repeat the feat with a final score of 69-56 in Norman while completing the sweep of Texas this season.

The month of January would not only be great for the women's side of things as Lon Kruger and the Men's Basketball Program got their chance to dance with Texas. A rough start for both squads ended with the Sooners taking a lead into the half behind a tremendous performance of Romero Osby. Oklahoma would continue feed Osby and ride the momentum to a 73-67 victory.