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Five Points In Eight Seconds - Buddy Hield Helping To Put Sooner Hoops Back On The Map

If you've seen Oklahoma freshman guard Buddy Hield play this season then you know that he's special. He's that type of player that can transcend a team from one level to the next. Scoring 9.3 points per game, Hield is a major contributing factor in the resurgent Sooner basketball program.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Its not just his points though, Hield is 35% from three-point range, 88% from the free-throw line, grabbing 4.5 points per game and dishing out nearly two assists per contest. Oh and he also makes plays like this, in which he scored five points against Texas Tech on Wednesday night in a span of eight seconds.

This current freshman class is as talented as any in the conference and the young guys are being called upon to make some big plays at crucial moments. With just the right mix of youth and experience, Lon Kruger has Oklahoma off to its best conference start since Blake Griffin was jumping over, around and through the lane in 2008-09. Some have discussed whether Heild is the most entertaining player to watch for the Sooners since Griffin. I believe that he just may be, but I also know that he's the most significant shooting guard to play for OU since Hollis Price.