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OU Football 2012 | Grading CCM's 'My Guys' Picks

Tom Pennington

Thought it would be interesting to go back and grade our picks from the first annual CCM 'My Guys' piece we did back in August. Figured it would be a good way to kill 15-20 minutes, an easy read, and fun to go back and check how smart and/or stupid some of our (and your) picks were.

Matt's Guy: Gabe Ikard "Not a flashy pick, but even before Ben Habern had to retire from football I thought he was Oklahoma's best all around offensive lineman."

There is an argument to be made Lane Johnson was OU's best all around offensive lineman this year, but at worst Ikard was probably 1A. Admittedly, Matt didn't exactly go out on a limb with this pick but still rock solid. Grade: A

Rich's Guy: R.J. Washington "I wouldn't be surprised to see this kid lead the Big XII in sacks."

Um, yeah. Tough one here for our man, Rich. To be fair, he was far from the only one on the preseason R.J. Washington bandwagon. That said... Grade: F

Jordan's Guy: Aaron Colvin "He could easily prove to be the most valuable player on this defense in 2012."

Probably wouldn't go so far as to call him the MVP (that would be Tony Jefferson, in my opinion), but he wasn't too far off from it. Grade: A

captfoss' Guy: Sterling Shepard "I'd just like to point out that I've been saying FOR MONTHS AND MONTHS now that we should be more excited about Sterling Shepard than we are Durron Neal, and I would now like some acknowledgement that I was right ;-)"

Once again, acknowledged. Grade: A

Rich's Guy: Michael Hunnicutt "When the games are close, my money would go on this kid if I were a betting man."

Solid take here. Hunnicutt was pretty much nails all year long going 15-19 on field goal attempts and 56-58 on extra points. However, that boomerang like field goal in the TCU game sticks in my head. Man that was ugly. Through absolutely no fault of Rich's, there will be a slight reduction due to said ugliness. Grade: B+

Jon Woods' Guy: Brennan Clay "As soon as I saw you post that you were doing this, I knew my guys were Brennan and RJ."

Absolute homerun pick with Clay. Very few were predicting a season like the one he had this year back in August. Grade: A+ (h/t to soonermusic as well who also had Clay)

pitbull's Guy: Tom Wort

I'll very likely get banned from my own site for including this one, but if is the last post of mine you read then it was totally worth it. Grade: D- (hoping that not giving it an 'F' saves me from the ban hammer)

Jordan's Guy: Damien Williams "He's a tough, hard inside runner yet also possesses the ability to take it to the house if he hits the crease."

I'd say that was a pretty fair assessment back in August prior to having seen him in an OU uniform. Not to toot my own horn, but as long as we're handing out 'A-pluses' then beep-beep. (Disclaimer: This lone pick may or may not have been the reason for this entire post). Grade: A+

Soonertrey's Guy: Josh Heupel "I think he is going to have a much better year calling plays and creating formations that will help us torch defenses light up the scoreboard!"

I think you'd get a lot of mixed reactions on this one. Certainly not a failing grade, but he didn't ace it either. Grade: B-

OUJJ's Guy: Whomever returns kicks not named Trey Franks

Well played. Grade: A

isaidso's Guy: Javon Harris "Will have a big season."

Similar to Heupel, didn't really ace it but given where expectations were following 2011 hard not to call this one a success. Grade: B

AllenOU's Guy: Austin Woods "I think the reason needs not to be said. Special kid."

Just as good now as it was then. Grade: A+