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Florida A&M at #5 Oklahoma - Things I'm Looking For

Brannon Green scored a touchdown in his first game as a Sooner. Will Oklahoma look to the tight ends more this season?   Jim Cowsert-US PRESSWIRE
Brannon Green scored a touchdown in his first game as a Sooner. Will Oklahoma look to the tight ends more this season? Jim Cowsert-US PRESSWIRE

Oklahoma earned the win last week over UTEP but the Sooners failed to impress in the 24-7 victory. There are a couple schools of thought here that have Oklahoma fans either optimistically hoping that the Sooners can shake off the rust and make some adjustments or pessimistically writing off the goals set before this team in the preseason.

While tonight's contest won't provide the answers, in full, to those two lines of thinking, it will give us a possible indication of which way to lean. That is the topic that dictates the things I'm looking for this week.

I'm looking to see Landry Jones connect multiple times with receivers not named Kenny Stills. There are clearly some security and chemistry issues with the new receivers and to an extend its to be expected. However, its not an issue that can be prolonged throughout the season and there should be gradual improvement from week to week. I want to see it.

I'm looking to see if the defensive line can get a consistent push. Going up against FAMU won't be the same as what they experienced last week against UTEP or what they'll see in two weeks against Kansas State but being able to control the line of scrimmage is going to be vital and you have to start somewhere.

I'm looking to see more of running back Damien Williams. He won me over last week! I though Brennan Clay and Dominique Whaley were good against UTEP but WIlliams was superb. I want to see him again this week to see if he can do it on a regular basis.

I'm looking to see more from the tight ends. Geno Grissom was suspended last weekend but Taylor McNamera and Brannon Green were both targeted during the game, with Jones connecting to Green for a score. I would love to see this become a recurring theme for the season.

I'm looking for a linebacker to be dominant. Tom Wort, I'm talking to you. This is you're defense now. Go out and make sure that #21 is stamped on every FAMU player who carries the football.

I'm looking for excellent pass protection. Three sacks last week is mildly acceptable. Sacks this week shows significant issues along the offensive front. Its a new offensive line for the most part but they have to grow up quickly.

I'm looking for clean play. I don't want to see the Sooners shoot themselves in the foot with penalties and blown assignments. Those types of issues can change a game very quickly and will cost Oklahoma in conference play.

I'm looking to enjoy the 2012 Oklahoma Football Intro Video. Come on, how can you not be excited about that?

That's about it for me. How about you? What are you looking for tonight?