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Oklahoma Sooners' WR Jalen Saunders Denied Waiver

The NCAA has not always been the quickest organization to hand down a decision concerning transfer waivers. For recent Fresno St. Bulldogs transfer, Jalen Saunders, the wait has been far overdue as the Oklahoma Sooners opened their season over the weekend.

Saunders, who was a deep threat for the Bulldogs racking up 1,065 yards on 50 receptions giving him an average of 21.3 yards per catch, made the jump to Oklahoma because he wasn't comfortable in role he was being used in, in the slot. While he was successful there, the offense was not for him.

Today, news broke that Saunders request had been denied and he will instead redshirt. Not the news that Sooner fans wanted to hear. Currently, OU has a talent group of receivers and Jalen Saunders would have pushed for minutes.