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West Virginia Says, "Who Needs A Defense When You Can Post 10 Touchdowns?"

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West Virginia's inguinal Big XII football game will be talked about for quite some time. Not because it marked a new era of football within the conference but because the Mountaineers and Baylor combined for 1,506 total yards of offense and 19 touchdowns in WVU's 70-63 win.

Theatrical Version Of The West Virginia Baylor Game

After West Virginia put up 10 touchdowns on Clemson in the Orange Bowl last January it was widely speculated that they wouldn't be able to accomplish such a feat against Big XII teams. The Mountaineers responded (rather loudly I might add) that they can and they will. In doing so, they also made it clear that they don't need a defense to beat you, but you had sure better bring one if you want to beat them.

Baylor's nine touchdowns and nearly 700 yards of offense would have been more than enough to win on just about any other Saturday but this one. West Virginia paced the Bears and bettered them by one score and a little more than a hundred yards.

West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith locked up the Big XII Offensive Player of the Week award before any other conference team even kicked off. The senior Heisman candidate completed 88% of his passes for 656 yards and 8 touchdowns, with no interceptions. The Mountaineers had three receivers with more that a hundred yards, two with more than two hundred yards and Stedman Bailey who caught 13 passes for 303 yards and five touchdowns.

You head that loud thumping sound? That the pounding heartbeat of every defensive coordinator in the Big XII as the reality hits them that they have to scheme a way to defend this WVU offense. West Virginia's average scoring play was 30 yards in length with a long of 87. This is a team that can score from anywhere on the field and they're going to dare you to find a way to stop them. Good luck Big XII.

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