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When West Virginia Looks Into The Mirror Does It See Baylor - Mountaineers/Bears Deadlocked (35-35) In Epic Shootout

There's jaw dropping, spectacular offensive football and then there's what Baylor and West Virginia are doing. Both schools came into today's match-up with two of the most explosive offensives in the country but what we didn't know was if their respective defenses were up to the challenge.

At the half the two teams have combined for 70 points and 710 yards of total offense. Heisman contending West Virginia quarterback, Geno Smith, has 288 yards passing and four touchdowns while his counterpart, Nick Florence, has 292 passing yards and two scores. Each team only punted once in the first half.

While the offenses have been overly impressive the concern here has to be the defenses. Sure, the Big XII is a conference that features wide open offensive attacks but name the last conference champion that didn't have a stout defense. This game isn't an exception to the season either. WVU came into this game ranked 53rd in scoring defense while the Bears were ranked 90th. Neither of those national stats are going to improve today.

Great offenses and bad defenses equates to exciting games with fantastic finishes. Buckle up for the second half!