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College Football Saturday Open Game Thread - Big Day For The Big XII

Three games today will help shape the 2012 conference scene

Rob Christy-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

There are only four games today featuring Big XII schools but three of them are fairly significant. Baylor travels to West Virginia for an early game of unbeaten teams. If the Mountaineers are truly a contender in the conference (which I believe they are) then they must handle the Bears' offensive attack. Texas Tech plays at Iowa State this evening which will give us a legitimate look at Oklahoma's next opponent. The "marquee match-up" within the conference comes tonight when Texas travels to play at Oklahoma State. TCU playing at SMU is the final game involving Big XII schools.

Big XII Schedule

11:00 #25 Baylor at #9 West Virginia

6:00 Texas Tech at Iowa State

6:00 #15 TCU at SMU

6:50 #12 Texas at OSU

Its not necessarily a "Shake Down Saturday" for the Big XII but it is an important day nonetheless. West Virginia jumped into the Big XII with a team ready made to win a title in their inaugural season. Oklahoma State says that last season wasn't a fluke and that they've officially arrived on the national scene. Meanwhile, Texas wants everyone to believe that they're back. Today will serve as a filter for fans to see exactly where their teams are in regards to their expectations.