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Oklahoma’s Bad Play Day – Part III

A look at the third bad play that led to the Sooners upset loss to Kansas State last weekend.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

This is the most depressing series of post I've ever written in the six year history of Crimson And Cream Machine. However, it proves that Oklahoma's loss to Kansas State last weekend in Norman hinged on three bad plays.

The Sooners were able to overcome the first two bad plays and put themselves in position to win the game. It was the third one though that would prove to be the final nail in the coffin because the end result would put the Wildcats up for good.

The Setting

At the 2:07 mark of the third quarter, Oklahoma has a 13-10 lead and the ball.

With the opportunity to put some distance between themselves and Kansas State, the Sooners once again shoot themselves in the foot. Just a few minutes prior, Blake Bell had given Oklahoma the lead back. The Sooner defense followed that up by forcing a Kansas State punt and the offense was once again on the move.

Oklahoma had gone 18 yards in three plays and was facing a second and four from their own twent-two yard line.


Landry Jones had just connected with Justin Brown on back-to-back plays to set up the second and short situation. The Sooners come out in a spread, four receiver set with Dominique Whaley in the backfield. This is a pass all the way but having a back behind the line of scrimmage also presents at least the possibility of a draw play.


Oklahoma runs a play-action here but at this point the play is already doomed. Lane Johnson gets beaten badly on the inside by the defensive end and will bring pressure on Jones. We all know how Jones handles pressure so it's not worth going there right now. However, what is worth noting is that Whaley should chip the defensive end before releasing on his passing route. Does that happen? Nope!

Kenny Stills has the inside seam if he wants it but the play is for him to sit short because the safety is so far back.


The ball needs to be gone right now but there isn't an open receiver. Stills is the target but there's a linebacker sitting on the rout as well.

On the inside, Whaley turns his shoulder like he's going to chip the defensive end but he comes closer to hitting Johnson than he does anyone in a KSU jersey. Somehow the defender gets tripped up but his lunging at Jones on his way down will result in the turnover.


The ball is away here but notice Jones' stance. He's throwing off his back foot because it isn't possible to step into the throw. Because of this the ball sails high over the head of Stills and ends up being a pick.

While the failed block by Lane Johnson and missed chip by Whaley are reasons why Jones ends up throwing off his back foot, it doesn't explain why he throws the pass. Keep in mind that the Sooners are up at this point and it's only second down. Why force a pass that you can't step into? Again, we see a freshman mistake made by a senior. This is the reason why so many people are so down on Jones.

Instead of throwing this pass Jones should have done one of three things. 1) Back-pedal a little more and the set up to throw. 2) Turn his shoulders and move to the bottom side of the field. 3) Throw the ball directly out of bounds. Any of those three options are better than an interception!

Jones instead forces the pass and Kansas State will turn the possession into seven points and a 17-13 lead. This was the straw that broke the camel's back as Oklahoma would never regain the lead, and never really rebound in this game.

Three plays, three turnovers, three primary reasons why Oklahoma lost to Kansas State.