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Friday Locks: We're Not Quitting Our Day Jobs

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Well, it looks like we're going to have to keep our day jobs for yet another year as we are proving, almost on a weekly basis, that we don't know how to pick football games. Big props go out to Rich for winning last week and drawing to within one game of Jordan for the lead.

Now, let's take a look at where we're going to mess up share our knowledge this week.


Friday Locks and the CCM Pick'em Contest is sponsored by Sooner Legends Inn & Suites


Oregon (-28.5) at Washington State - Love me some Mike Leach, but Oregon can name their score here.

Iowa State (+2.5) vs Texas Tech - A home dog vs. Tommy Tuberville? Gimmie!

Oh boy, here it comes ... wait for it ....

Texas (-2.5) at Oklahoma State - This pick alone should tell you just how desperate I am to win this thing (and the prize of, well, nothing actually). I actually think Walsh over Lunt helps Okie State, but either would make enough mistakes against that UT defense to prevent OSU from winning.


Baylor (+12.5) vs West Virginia - I'll take the bait with this one. I fully expect there to be little to no defense played in this game while it turns into a shootout. While West Virginia will come out ahead in this one I don't see it being until late in the game so I'll take the points.

Georgia (-13.5) vs Tennessee - The Vols have far underachieved for me this season. I thought they could give Florida a challenge yet the Gators pulled away. Now playing on the road, I can't give them much of a shot again the Bulldogs.

Louisiana Tech (-2.5) vs Virginia - Tech is a team that has scored 50+ points in all of their games so far and I have no doubt that they will accomplish that feat yet again.


Penn State (+1) at Illinois - Give me the Nittany Lions to win their first road game of the season.

Minnesota (+7) at Iowa - The Golphers are quietly 4-0 while the Hawkeyes are struggling a bit. This will be a close game.

Missouri (+2.5) vs Central Florida - People are down on the Tigers, and rightly so I might add, but I think they're in a good spot this weekend to win outright.