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Linked Up: The Other Side Of The K-State Loss

Linked Up: The Other Side Of The K-State Loss

Brett Deering - Getty Images

There's no questioning how Oklahoma fans are responding to Saturday night's 24-19 loss to Kansas State. We've made our frustration and disappointment known to anyone who dares to ask, and frankly to a bunch more people who never asked. However, like most things, there is another side.

While Sooner Nation lie in ruin, the Wildcats are riding on cloud nine with a plethora of possibilities still ahead of them for the season. Obviously they're in a much better state of mind than we are. As if we needed more evidence, SBN's Bring On The Cats is just the proof to make us un-appreciate the loss even more.

After a 10-3 season a year ago and an uneven but occasionally spectacular 3-0 start this season, nobody was entirely sure what to expect from K-State. But we knew that the trip to Norman to face Oklahoma would quickly let us know.

And let us know it did. K-State became the first ranked team to beat Bob Stoops at Owen Field, leaving the Sooner State with a 24-19 win.

Collin Klein's numbers weren't spectacular, but as usual, he was the glue that held the team together, the straw that stirred the drink, the capstone in the arch. Klein was 13-21-0 for 149 yards, and ran for 79 yards on 17 carries (with one TD). Those may not be numbers that scream "Heisman contender," but this was the type of win that screams exactly that. - K-State Holds Off Oklahoma For Thrilling Win

K-State became the first ranked team to beat Bob Stoops in Norman when it posted a 24-19 victory over Oklahoma. But if you listen to Bill Snyder and Collin Klein, it was just another win.

Despite Snyder and Klein's protestations to the contrary, Sports Illustrated's Stewart Mandel thinks the win was a lot more than just another win.

ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski agrees with Mandel. With the win, Klein is pushing K-State into the title picture.

With the win, K-State jumped to No. 7 in the AP Poll and No. 8 in the Coaches Poll. Given its less-traditional approach, SB Nation's BlogPoll may rank the Wildcats even higher. - K-State Slate

Excuse me while I go throw up!