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Bob Stoops Weekly Press Conference Notes

Bob Stoops Weekly Press Conference (Bye Week/K-State Loss)

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Even following the loss, I'm not going to allow myself to fall into the trap of expecting the local media to ask the tough questions or push Bob for something other than a standard 'coach speak' answer. Expect for Tulsa World writer, John Hoover. We give the local guys a lot of grief here, but to his credit Hoover has been pushing Bob every chance he gets. I may not always agree with his methods of doing so, but at least someone is finally doing it. Maybe some of these other guys will follow his lead?


Expect today to be tense, possibly a lot of awkward silences, and a very testy Bob Stoops. We'll be here to recap everything Stoops has to say. As always you can watch live here courtesy of Sooner Sports TV.