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Sooner Commit Update: DJ Ward Will Not Have A Senior Season

DJ Ward was a guy we talked about on our podcast with Josh McCuistion, an Oklahoma recruiting guru, after news broke that DJ was attempted to file a second transfer waiver.

When the family originally moved from Lawton to Oklahoma City, Ward was granted a waiver to play at Douglass High School as he father would be the ROTC director.

Later, knowing that DJ and his family were living in the Southmoore school district, it was made known that DJ had enrolled in school there after completing a scrimmage with Douglass. Due to small yet significant technicality, Ward would be required to obtain a second waiver even though he had not "officially" played for Douglass.

The end result was being denied the second waiver while DJ announced he will not be playing high school ball this season. McCuistion let the cat out of the bag by telling us on record that DJ was expected to enroll at Oklahoma in the spring semester.