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Notre Dame To Join ACC (Minus Football), Not Big 12, According To Reports

No reason to doubt Brett McMurphy who is about as credible as it comes to "sources" and breaking news. Which would mean this, at least in my opinion, is the first pretty significant failure on the part of Bob Bowlsby as Big 12 commish.

On its surface, this would appear to be the exact deal the Big 12 was contemplating with respect to bringing Notre Dame into the fold. For whatever it's lack of success on the respective fields of play, no one can argue the cache and/or recognition Notre Dame still holds within the viewing public. It would have been a massive addition to the Big 12 and it would appear they have now missed their window.

Maybe there is some truth to all the comments from those in power within the Big 12 about not wanting to expand any further. I mean, with this what 'big fish' is really out there? Maybe Florida State, I guess. Anybody I'm missing?