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OU Football Recruiting - Sooners Lose 2013 Offensive Tackle Commit

Oklahoma fans are all too familiar with injuries ending the career of a talented player having suffered not one, but two in recent months. First, it was 2012 tight end commit Laith Harlow and then injuries prematurely ended the career of Ben Habern.

Now, unfortunately, it would seem Sooners 2013 verbal commit, Matt Beyer, has been forced to cut his career short as well. There is no illusion that football is a very rough sport on the body just as their is never any question that your long term health is greater than any one game, season, or even potential career. Beyer was a former teammate of current Sooners, Trevor and Connor Knight, and was looking forward to a big senior season after having to sit out most of his junior year.

It would appear, according to a recent tweet from Beyer (and a report from SoonerScoop ($)) that the young man has been forced to choose and he has made the smart and obvious choice. Best of luck and of course health to the young man.