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OU Football 2012 - Sooners Announce A Couple Roster Decisions At Media/Fan Appreciation Day

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Oklahoma head football coach Bob Stoops addressed the local media on Saturday following Fan Appreciation Today and uncharacteristically revealed a few little nuggets of info.

  • Now former running back, Danzel Williams, who looked strong in the spring has been moved to safety. The Sooners originally recruited him as a running back/wide receiver though many felt his future was in the secondary. With a very crowded backfield, this move makes sense though it's hard not to imagine this year becoming a waste especially considering he's already used his redshirt year.
  • Suspended wide receiver Kameel Jackson is no longer on the team and to quote Stoops "he won't be back." It's a little surprising since just a few days ago Stoops announced that no decision had been made and that Jackson's suspension would be re-evaluated at a later date. With the assumption that Jackson's suspension was primarily grade related, this latest development could signal that the progress he needed to make, to earn his way back onto the team, was not made. It's a shame, he had talent.
  • Stoops said Nila Kasitati, who recently underwent a "minor" heart procedure would only be out another week or so and will be just fine to play once he's fully recovered.
  • Stoops specifically mentioned two true freshman at defensive end and indicated they "are going to help this year." Those two players were Michael Onuoha and Charles Tapper.
  • Mike Stoops spoke as well, addressed the fans being happy that he's back, dropped an actual s-bomb in his answer saying "I'm happy they're happy I'm back, but I'm ready to move past that bleep." Mike is in mid-season form. Awesome.