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Who Is Justin Brown And Why Is He A Commodity To OU?

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I'm willing to bet that, before this week, not many Oklahoma football fans had an idea of who Justin Brown is. That's not an indictment against Brown as much as it is the fact that only the most ardent of college football fans from any Big XII school could tell you who the second leading receiver for Penn State was last season. Then came Monday and the news that highly touted JUCO receiver Courtney Gardner wouldn't qualify and suddenly the Sooners were in need of an impact receiver.

Enter Justin Brown, who is able to transfer from Penn State and play immediately at any school. Suddenly Oklahoma's sights shifted from a transfer kid to a proven senior who can fill more than one void on the roster. There's no doubt that Brown is a coveted commodity to Oklahoma and he has the opportunity to immediately fit in at OU. In other words, should he decide to transfer, Oklahoma's coaches won't be scratching their heads as to where to put him. Here's why...

At 6-3/214 he would match up with Lacolton Bester (another JUCO transfer) as the tallest receiver but his weight would make him the biggest. He would provide the "big body" receiver that can be physical on the edge and create mismatches inside.

His 73 receptions would qualify him as Oklahoma's second most experienced receiver. Currently Kenny Stills has 122 receptions and until one of the suspended players earns their way back on to the field he's OU's most experienced receiver by...122 receptions.

His career average of 14.7 yards per reception would give Landry Jones another weapon who can stretch the field. We know what the Sooners have in Stills and are confident in what we believe Trey Metoyer will add but having Brown in the arsenal as well could be overwhelming to opposing secondaries.

With three years of experience at fielding punts, Brown could also be a boost to Oklahoma's special teams. Again, we find that the Sooners have an area of need here because of the graduation of Ryan Broyles. Brown could immediately be that answer.

Brown is getting a lot of pressure to stay at Penn State for his senior year but the fact that we've not yet heard anything from him doesn't necessarily mean he won't transfer. He didn't finish up summer classes at Penn State until yesterday and he immediately met with his current coach, Bill O'Brien after taking his last final.

ESPN reports that Brown was on campus in Norman last week to check out the program and campus. Could he be back in Norman on a more permanent basis next week?