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Oklahoma Commit D.J. Ward Transfers To Southmoore

D.J. Ward is a name that has recently been popping up in conversation. He is ranked as the number one in-state recruit by Yahoo! Sports and has already committed to the Oklahoma Sooners. However, a bit a rub has come up for this kid as he has applied to yet another transfer.

To begin the school year, it was a known fact that Ward would be transferring from Lawton to Douglass High School in Oklahoma City. Initially, Ward applied for a hardship with the OSSAA due to his father taking a job as the ROTC Instructor at Douglass even though the family moved into the Southmoore district. He practiced for the past month and eventually played in a scrimmage which established his eligibility at Douglass.

Now here we sit on Thursday, D.J. decided to transfer to Southmoore, the school that produced Kendall Thompson as well as Austin Haywood. But it could all fall through.

The first hardship was granted to Ward because of the move his family made. They will once again need to apply for hardship as this new transfer has come up. If and only if the second hardship waiver is approved will D.J. be allowed to play at Southmoore. However, if the second waiver doesn't come through, Ward will remain eligible to play at Douglass.

I am been informed that D.J.'s father has been in the Southmoore office multiple times a day trying to get the necessary paperwork completed so that his son may return to the gridiron as soon as possible.

Within the OSSAA there is a wait period on waivers. This means that if one is granted, there will be a 15 day wait period before said player is eligible to play. Knowing that, Ward may not see the field again until Southmoore plays its third game of the season.

We don't know where D.J. will end up playing but you can bet it is a major boost to any school looking for a jump start.