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OU Football 2012 - Sooners Lose Another Starter According To Report

Wasn't really looking for more bad news, let alone the night before the game, but it sounds as if that is exactly what we're getting. According to a report from, the Sooners will be without tight end Geneo Grissom Saturday night against UTEP.

At one point, Bob Stoops had referred to Grissom as the Sooners' starter at tight end but was more recently listed as a co-starter (with Brannon Green and Taylor McNamara) on the official depth chart.

I'd expect some of you to brush this off considering how low the expectations were for tight end not just for this game, but for the season as a whole as well. However, for me this brings up a question many probably will not like. But at what point do we start to question Stoops, as the head of this program, for all of these discipline issues?