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OU Football 2012 - Sooners Release Updated Depth Chart For UTEP Game

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We've been waiting and waiting and waiting for Bob Stoops to release an updated depth chart and that time has finally come (here).

*** FULL DISCLAIMER - A Bob Stoops depth chart historically means very, very little. ***

Okay, with that out of the here are the highlights.

The Sooners have 13 freshman listed in the two deep, nine of which are true freshman.

Your starting offensive line is exactly as we expected (from left to right): Lane Johnson, Adam Shead, Gabe Ikard, Bronson Irwin, and Daryl Williams. Austin Woods listed as the backup right guard (not center) while true freshman Ty Darlington is listed behind Ikard.

Stoops pulled a total 'Mack Brown' and listed all three guys at tight end (Geneo Grissom, Brannon Green, and Taylor McNamara) as "co-starters."

The starting wide receivers are Trey Metoyer, Kenny Stills, and Justin Brown. They are backup up by Lacoltan Bester, Sterling Shepard, and Durron Neal respectively.

Dominique Whaley is listed as the starter and running back with Brennan Clay and Damien Williams behind him as "co-backups."

The listed starting defensive tackles are David King and Casey Walker, interesting that Jamarkus McFarland is running second team.

Rashod Favors and Charles Tapper as listed as "co-backups" behind senior R.J. Washington.

Frank Shannon and Jaydan Bird are listed as "co-backups" at middle linebacker behind Tom Wort.

Gary Simon is behind Aaron Colvin.

Your kickoff return guys are Brennan Clay and Roy Finch, while again as expected Kenny Stills and Justin Brown returning punts.