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Former Sooner Star Eduardo Najera Retires To Coach Texas Legends

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Eduardo Najera is a name that many Sooner fans will remember as one of the greats from the hardwood. After twelve seasons in the NBA, that chapter of his story has now come to a close as the decision to retire came earlier today. Najera is now chasing bigger and better things as he continues to shatter boundaries for the Hispanic Community.

Eduardo Najera became a star during his career at Oklahoma as a Sooner from 1997-2000. During his time here, the Sooners reached the NCAA Tournament in four consecutive years. However, the biggest mark that Najera left was under the statistical category.

With a deceptively quick first step to go along with a natural instinct at rebounding the ball, Eduardo finished inside the school's top ten in nine different statistical categories. As far as the NBA goes, Najera was second round talent being drafted by the Houston Rockets but quickly traded to the Dallas Mavericks. During his time is Dallas, Najera showed much promise before being limited by knee injuries.

How is that boundary shattering though? Eduardo Najera became the first Mexican to be drafted while he was the second to play for an NBA team. To put that in full view, only three Mexican-born players have graced the NBA market. With a great understanding of the game a development of relationships over the years, Najera is at it again. He is now the first Mexican to become the head coach of a team under the NBA trademark. Even though it is the D-League team, the Texas Legends.

Eduardo is a figure recognized internationally and will have a big impact on the Hispanic population's involvement in the NBA arena. Best of luck as you being a new endeavor Najera and always remember to Boomer Sooner!