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Sooner Nation Mid-Week Replay: Jake Trotter & The Red River Shootout

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This past Sunday, we were joined by Jake Trotter, a walking encyclopedia of Sooner knowledge, to talk about his new book "I Love Oklahoma/I Hate Texas" which has been flying off the shelves. Jake was kind enough to lend an exclusive excerpt for CCM.

Delving into a tug-of-war that has existed since 1900, this book digs deep into the age-old clash between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Texas Longhorns, guaranteed to make anyone the most informed fan on their bouts. The first guide approaching the duel from a pro-Oklahoma perspective, this chronicle documents how the Sooners earned 47 straight wins and more national championships than any other team in its conference, including their nemesis Texas. Loaded with trivia, hilarious history, and inside scoops, this compilation also features fantastic stories behind the legendary names of Bud Wilkinson, Darrell Royal, Mack Brown, Lee Roy Selmon, and more. Demonstrating that there is no fine line between love and hate, this entertaining handbook tackles a competition as wide as the Red River itself. - Amazon

Outside of the Red River Rivalry talk, we delve into a continuation of previewing the next four teams on the schedule, the headliner of course was Notre Dame.