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OU Football 2012 - Sooners Depth Takes Yet Another Hit. Yes, Another One.

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How many more defections until our Sooners are forced to play two ways?

Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration on my part but at the rate they are losing players it's not that much of one. With the report from Jake Trotter above, the Sooners have lost yet another player from their 2012 squad.

Admittedly, Okotcha was not necessarily expected to significantly contribute this season but as with many of OU's losses it has been more about the depth these players provide. Okotcha was a highly thought of player when he signed with the Sooners in their 2011 class. He redshirted last season after shoulder surgery, but prior to his injury was a player the coaches had spoken highly of during practices.

In what could be a related note, Trey Franks (as of the time of this post) is listed as a defensive back with a new jersey number (No. 24) on the online roster.